Please be aware these prices are given as a guide price. Exact pricing can only be given upon consultation with one of our team. 

Consultations are FREE and only take around 15 minutes.


Junior Stylist

Junior Stylists are not yet fully qualified, however they have been trained in house for a minimum of 1 year before they hit the salon floor. Junior Stylists are competent in their field and are ready to build a clientelle on the salon floor. 


Stylists are fully qualified in their Level 2 Ladies Hairdressing and have been trained to exceptional standards. Stylists have been with the company throughout their training journey. Our Stylists continuously complete continuous improvement training both in house and externally.

Senior Stylist

Senior Stylists have worked upon the salon floor for a minimum of 2 years and hold Level 2 & 3 Ladies Hairdressing qualifications. Senior Stylists are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of hairdressing. All of our Senior Stylists regularly complete continuous improvement training both in house and externally. 

Artistic Director

Artistic Directors have worked on the salon floor for a minimum of 5 years and been with the comapny for a minimum of 1 year. They hold a level 3 qualification in Ladies Hairdressing & complete continuous improvment training in all aspects of Hairdressing.

Salon Director

Salon Directors have worked in the trade for a minimum of 9 years and are trained to highest of standards. Holding a Level 3 qualification in Ladies Hairdressing, have extensive Hair Extension experience and completes continuous improvement training in all aspects of Hairdressing.




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