Why Racoon International Extensions?
Hair extensions can give you instant texture, volume style and length without the need for chemicals or patch testing. Whether you shoes the latest red carpet look, luscious volume or a flash of colour, you can achieve all this in an instant with Racoon Luxe Bond extensions and they can even be coloured by your certified stylist!
Are hair extensions for adding length?
You can achieve glamourous length and phenomenal volume. Fine, thinning hair can be transformed into thicker luscious length. A dash of colour can add texture and depth with highlights and lowlights or alter an existing style with a fringe, layers and creative geometric shapes!
Do hair extensions damage your hair?
Some hair extensions can seriously damage your hair, however Racoon International hair extension systems have been scientifically proven not to damage hair (by an independent trichologist). This is providing they are applied and maintained by a Racoon-certified expert and the aftercare guidelines are followed. 
A perfect match!
Racoon Internationals fantastic Luxe Bond method is a loose hair system which allows your stylist to skilfully blend a mix of hair shades to achieve the most natural looks. With an extensive palette of colours to choose from, its no wonder why Racoon's Luxe Bond system is the preferred choice for achieving natural, multitoned highlights to seamlessly match your own hair.
How discreet are Luxe Bond Extensions?
Racoon International bonded hair extensions are small and translucent, taking on the colour of the clients natural hair. The bonds are discreet, no bigger than the size of an uncooked grain of rice. The unique formula is easy to apply and quick to remove leaving no trace or residue. 
Will glue be applied to my hair?
Gentle translucent bonds will be applied to your hair, which is scientifically proven not to damage hair!
Is the hair expensive?
Racoon Internationals quality hair is very competitively priced and our hair extensions when looked after can be economically re-used and re-applied. These are just some of the reasons why we are the UK's number one in Hair Extension systems. 
"Ive always loved working with Racoon extensions and have relied on them to help me create some great transformations and award winning imagery for my trade and consumer work. Racoon's passion, professionalism and brilliant training are hugely impressive so when it comes to hair extensions, there's only one choice"

All hair images are work created by Kyle Palmer, Salon Owner & Racoon Expert