FibrePlex is the new innovative product designed to let you achieve the colour you dream of without compromise! Our Hair Salon now has this exclusive product.  Protecting your hair from 94% less breakage, gives us the option to be able to go that one step further when we colour your hair. Wether its lightening, lifting or just colouring, FibrePlex protects from breakage, creates shine and leaves your hair silky. Where we cant achieve more than your hair will let us, with FibrePlex we can do alot more than on a usual colour service. 

FibrePlex comes in 3 stages!

Stage 1- Your colourist. Whilst your stylist mixes your colour, FibrePlex is mixed into your colour formula, protecting the bonds inside the hair from oxidation during the chemical process. 

Stage 2- The bond sealer. This is applied at the backwash, this is your treatment. This treatment will seal the bonds in your hair, close your cuticle and leave a beautiful shine on the hair. Locking in colour for less fading

Stage 3- Home maintenance. Stage 3 is your home care. By using the FibrePlex stage 3 Shampoo and Treatment you give your hair that extra life. By creating a long lasting seal to the hair surface at home you can keep your hair feeling amazing until your next appointment.

Ask your stylist for the FibrePlex effect today!





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