How to use our Booking System!

There is now more than 1 way to make your appointment. 

  • Facebook chat

Chat with one of our team on our Facebook page. Discuss your appointment and even book in. Click here to visit our page

  • Online Booking

Our automated online booking system allows you to book appointments without needing to speak to anyone. All you need to provide is a couple of details so our system can recognise who you are. Its so easy, book in below!

  • Telephone

Call us and speak to one of our team, on 01302 456650

Please note that Kyle is not accepting New Clients at this moment in time. However our other Salon Director now has New Client Offers. Click here to find out more!

Our Salon Is Closed

From Monday 23rd March 2020, our salon will be closed until further notice to shield from COVID-19. 

Online Booking is not available at the moment.

Online Booking

Online Booking is not available at the moment. Please note any attempt to make a booking will be rejected.




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